Who Am I

Transmitting the Indian philosophy and teaching self care and awareness

Hello dear friends, my name is Nikoleta and everything started for me when I was 19 years old suffering from hormonal imbalance due to a stressful lifestyle. It is when Yoga and meditation came into my life. Practicing a few asanas (yoga postures), meditation and pranayama breathing practice) helped my health issues and changed my life. I continued practicing yoga for myself until a couple of years later I received my first certificate for teaching worldwide. I started yoga classes in Hard Rock hotel in Ibiza, Spain.

Transmitting the Indian philosophy and teaching self care and awareness I naturally expanded my knowledge of Wellness moving my profession to the Spa. I have over 6 years experience in different hotels, wellness centers and private villas, with people from all over the world and all ages (even children).

I love my work as a therapist and yoga teacher and the never ending path of learning, caring, sharing and improving one’s condition.

My Experience

2015 – 200h TTC of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga at Abhijna Yoga School, Kerala, India

2017 – 260h course of Quiromassage, Quirosoma School, Valencia, Spain

2018 – 90h Thai massage course, TMC School in Chiang Mai, Thailand

2019 – 100h TTC Aerial and Yin Yoga course, Kashish Yoga School, Goa, India

During my work in hotels I have been through different formations about products, techniques and ways of work so it fits each person’s needs.

I have organised workshops with small groups such as Ashtanga Vinyasa for professional acrobats (Valencia, Spain), Pranayama and Mudra practice (Valencia,Spain), Yoga philosophy classes (Palma de Mallorca,Spain), yoga for beginners.

I have also taught morning and evening classes in different hostels and nature projects (Thailand, Goa and Portugal) and individual sessions depending on peoples’ necessities.

I keep learning as a Yoga practitioner and teacher every day and I am very pleased to share my knowledge in the best ways possible.

What People Are Saying